Beer and Fear Bash
Oct 28, Castle McCulloch, Jamestown, NC

MCS returns to the annual Beer and Fear Bash at Castle McCulloch with a few of our largest for you to meet and get your picture taken with! Costumes and tickets are required.


Oddville: The Land of Imaginary Beasts
Dec. 9, The Fruit – Durham Fruit and Produce Co, Durham, NC

MCS will be bringing our not-so-imaginary menagerie out to play at Oddville!!! A Celebration of the Awesomely Strange! This is where ART and Oddness COLLIDE! We choose to find creations and creators that break the mold and redefine your concept of wonderful. All things interesting, odd and illuminating shall be found in this spectrum of exploration. As human transforms into cryptid, you will find yourself in a maddening city of makers, monsters, unicorns, sexy sasquatches and raving creatures from parts unknown. The one common language between all these mythical creatures is ART!! What will you bring and what will you create?? This is a call to live as a participant and not a spectator!!! Be part of this cryptozoological menagerie of ART, PERFORMANCE AND EXPERIENCE!!!


New Care Sheet Posted:

We’ve added a new care sheet, and you know what that means…watch for those babies to be posted!

Coming Soon:

Sumatran short-tailed pythons and Kenyan sand boas!