NOTICE: Feeder Price Increase

We’re very sorry to say it, but we have finally had to increase our feeder prices again, and this time, it’s substantial. We have resisted for far too long in the hopes that costs of feed would normalize. Unfortunately, the cost of feed continues to soar.

We have been able to offset this for our customers largely through our pet lines of rodents. The reality, however, as we yet again face a $3/bag increase in feed is that we simply can’t do that any more. While we still strive to be the most cost effective option in the area, we cannot continue to take a loss on feeders.

Please understand that this is not a decision we take lightly. We understand that our customers also have been deeply effected by increased costs. We have tried to help where we can.

Moving forward, customers who reach out for feeder pricing will see rates that are much more inline with the going industry rates, though still lower than some online national retailers.

We appreciate your understanding, and your business. Please reach out if you have questions. Thank you.


We can’t tell you all how much we appreciate the love and support we’ve received over the last couple years. From the beginning, we have aspired to make Mortal Coil far more than another pet breeder. Our goal has always been to create something that is inclusive, educational, proactive, and that brings people together under an often new-found love of these animals.

To that end, we have many new adventures planned ahead. We have come as far as we have not by our own effort alone, but through the support of people often outside the reptile community who have appreciated the work we do and who’ve believed in us. As we come ever closer to doing this thing that we do full time, we’d like to give both an opportunity to those who want to help us along the way, whether they’re reptile keepers or not.

With that, we announce that we’ve launched our very own Patreon. Whether you’re a supporter from outside the reptile community who wants to make a positive impact, or a die-hard reptile enthusiast looking for an inside track on exclusive deals, $5 a month gets you (first and foremost) our undying gratitude, but also:

-Patreon member-only deals.

-Early access: We will be making animals available to our Patreon supporters before anyone else. You’ll have a chance to get them before they ever hit the website or MorphMarket.

-Access to our Discord channel

-Name a Snake: Want us to name a snake after you, a loved one, an enemy, favorite TV character? Patreon members will get the chance to name a snake as clutches hatch each season.

-Name a Rat: Want us to name a rat after someone and feed it to a snake? We’ve got you, and we’ll film it. (NOTE: We do not do live feeding and will not create live feeding videos).

-Behind the scenes looks at our upcoming adventures that we won’t share anywhere else, not even on our Facebook community

-Exclusive livestreams. Want to watch them hatch LIVE? Want exclusive live Q&As? This will be the place for them!

-Shout outs. Much of what we have planned is going to be filmed and we are going to make every effort to express our gratitude in the form of a shoutout at every opportunity.Please note that the more production involved perks will take time, but THEY ARE COMING!

Purchase Agreements

About a year ago, a show promoter handed us a small laminated QR code at the show. It was just a simple link to a Google Form with a few basic fields for customer information and details of general guarantees and liabilities to protect our business and the show. It was a great idea. Soon after, we began using a similar thing for all of our sales, both at shows and online. Over the last year, the agreements have matured as the needs became more defined.

It hasn’t always been well received, but it usually has been. Unfortunately, there are a few who do not want to engage in conversations with a breeder who asks questions to ensure their preparedness for a particular animal, much less to jump through even a small additional hoop like signing a purchase agreement. So why do we do it? It’s because striving for the absolute best outcomes for our animals and customers is the right thing to do. We want every keeper who buys from us to be successful and happy in their purchase. Beyond that, by following and communicating a few best practices in every transaction, we help to protect our animals, our customers, our business, and the future of herpetoculture so that we can keep providing our best year after year.

To that end, we’d like to provide all our prospective customers with samples of the purchase agreement, both as used for online sales and the Google Form we use at shows.

We welcome your feedback. Tell us what you think.

Online Animal Purchase Agreement

Show Reptile Responsible Keeper Agreement

Wait Lists

If you’d like to be on the wait list for upcoming clutches…

1) Send us a chat message or an email.

That’s the easiest way for us to keep and track a record of your inquiry and to get back to you. Facebook comments get lost, especially comments in groups. Talk to us directly, and we will get you on the list.

2) No deposit needed.

We do not accept a dime for any animal that’s not ready to go. There are never guarantees of what we will have available, people do change their minds about purchases, and it’s just much better to wait for the animals to be ready for their homes before any money changes hands.

3) We don’t know when they will be ready.

Reptile breeding is an organic process. The snakes decide when they breed. They decide when they lay. They hatch when they hatch. We rely on our expertise and experience to give us the best possible outcomes, but ultimately we do not have control over everything. We make sure that every animal we offer is feeding consistently on frozen thawed meals before it’s listed, and sometimes that process takes time.

4) We will contact you when they are close to ready.

After an animal has had a couple sheds and seems to be feeding on frozen thawed consistently, we start to reach out to customers on the wait lists to prepare for arrangements. This is usually around their third meal for most species, and we usually consider them ready after their fifth meal, by which point they have often had a third shed. We consider an animal with five consistent meals and at least two sheds ready to go.

2022 Show Dates

We’ve added multiple show dates for 2022! We’re excited to be bringing our animals to some great destinations this year. In addition to multiple NC/SC dates, you can see us in Orlando, St. Louis, and Moundsville, WV! More show dates may be added soon so check back for updates. Visit our events page for more information: EVENTS

Show Dates:

March 19-20, Durham, NC, Show Me Reptiles & Exotics Show

May 14-15, Orlando, FL, Show Me Reptiles & Exotics Show

June 12, Durham, NC, Show Me Reptiles & Exotics Show

June 25-26, Fort Mill, SC, Show Me Reptiles & Exotics Show

July 16-17, St. Louis, MO, Show Me Reptiles & Exotics Show

Sept 17, Moundsville, WV, West Virginia State Penitentiary, Tri-State Exotic Animal Expo

Sept 25, Durham, NC, Show Me Reptiles & Exotics Show

Dec 3-4 Fort Mill, SC, Show Me Reptiles & Exotics Show

Dec 18 Durham, NC, Show Me Reptiles & Exotics Show

Help us hit 1000 likes, Win $250!!!

We are only a few likes short of 1000 and we want to start the New Year above that bar, and to help us get there we are giving away one (or more) $250 gift card good for ANYTHING Mortal Coil has to offer not just now but in the future! No expiration date. No exclusions. Follow link to the contest post with rules and enter here:

Care Guides

Education has always been a cornerstone of our brand at Mortal Coil Serpentry. In order to provide insight to people considering a pet snake, as well as starting points for new owners, we are endeavoring to provide a care guide for every species we keep. These will not be comprehensive just yet, but we are striving to make them as accurate and useful as possible. We encourage customers and visitors alike to reach out if they ever have questions about any animals covered in our guides.