NOTICE: Feeder Price Increase

We’re very sorry to say it, but we have finally had to increase our feeder prices again, and this time, it’s substantial. We have resisted for far too long in the hopes that costs of feed would normalize. Unfortunately, the cost of feed continues to soar.

We have been able to offset this for our customers largely through our pet lines of rodents. The reality, however, as we yet again face a $3/bag increase in feed is that we simply can’t do that any more. While we still strive to be the most cost effective option in the area, we cannot continue to take a loss on feeders.

Please understand that this is not a decision we take lightly. We understand that our customers also have been deeply effected by increased costs. We have tried to help where we can.

Moving forward, customers who reach out for feeder pricing will see rates that are much more inline with the going industry rates, though still lower than some online national retailers.

We appreciate your understanding, and your business. Please reach out if you have questions. Thank you.