“Huxley” 2023 Male Hypo Whitesided Eastern Black Rat Snake


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Huxley is one of the lightest hypo whitesided Eastern black rats we’ve ever produced! As he matures he will develop a more noticeable stripe of grey spots down his back with lemon tones on his head and neck. He’s an easy going little fellow who will do well for keepers of all experience levels. YES! The blue coloration on his head is real (but it will fade with time).

Current Size: ~8in as of 9/26/23
Feeding On: frozen/thawed pinky mice.
Disposition: Easy going.
Expected size: This animal should around 5-6 feet as an adult.
Sire: ~5 ft. Hypo Whitesided.
Dam: ~5.5 ft. Whitesided het Hypo

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