Cave Dwelling Rat Snake, Lowland Phase, Male, 2023


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Has EXTREMELY minor, cosmetic kink that will likely diminish with age. He’s otherwise a perfect, healthy, vibrant animal from excellent, unrelated parents.

Experience Level: Novice-Intermediate

Care Sheet: Cave Racer/Cave Dwelling Rat Snake

Current Size: ~9in as of 10/11/23

Feeding On: frozen/thawed large pinky mice.

Disposition: Shy but not defensive. Calms down quickly when handled.

Expected size: This animal should be 5-6 feet as an adult.

Sire: Apollonius, ~5 ft. Flighty.

Dam: Katniss, ~6 ft. Generally docile, but moody on occasion.

Clutch: OTR2301

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Experience Level

Novice, Intermediate