Sneks and Noodles!

Whatever slang or for fun word you call a snake really doesn’t matter, and getting upset over things like that is a waste of time and energy. Mortal Coil Serpentry doesn’t care what you call your snakes. We care about building a better, more inclusive reptile community.

Wishing you and your reptiles health and happiness,

Adam & Adiana
Your friends at Mortal Coil

Honesty in Photographs

I was saddened today by seeing someone who could have come and browsed our available animals in person, but instead got burned by another breeder with a misleading photo.

Full disclosure: I’m not a photographer. I love taking pics of my snakes but I’m just doing so with a phone and a pop-up lightbox. The colors don’t always come out right. Everything tends to shift a little yellow. I TRY to correct the photos to naked eye appearance, which being a little colorblind, isn’t easy for me.

We will send on request 100% raw unedited pics of ANY animal you are ever interested in getting from me to the best of my ability. Now work with us here: We don’t have time to snap 100 pics every day. The one you get might be the one we snapped for the last customer. It might take us a bit to get it to you. But we will NEVER mislead you with an edited picture. We will never show you pictures of one animal and send you another. At Mortal Coil, what you see is what you receive.