“Akirea” 2022 Female Lavender Snow 32.0125% Kalaotoa/32.0125% Jampea


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Akirea is a full year old and still tiny! She is still a bit shy but never offers to bite so long as she is tapped gently first to let her know it’s not time to eat. Will be an amazing centerpiece of any reptile keepers collection or an amazing addition to a breeding project.

Experience Level: Advanced

Care Sheet:Reticulated Pythons

Current Size: ~3ft as of 8/18/23

Feeding On: frozen/thawed large mice, ASFs, quail, wean rats.

Disposition: Shy but easy going.

Expected size: This animal will likely be 9-11 feet as an adult.

Sire: Theon Greyboi, ~9ft and light bodied. 31.025% Kalaotoa, 33% Jampea anery het. purple, 2015, produced by Vital Exotics

Dam: Star, ~11ft and light bodied. 33% Jampea, 31.025% Kalaotoa lavender albino het. anery, 2015, produced by Vital Exotics

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Genetics: Retic

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