“Dario” 2023 Male Mexican Black Kingsnake


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Big, healthy baby MBK from deep chocolate sire and jet black dam. Eating eagerly on frozen/thawed pinky mice.

Experience Level: Novice

Care Sheet: Mexican Black Kingsnake

Current Size: ~8in as of 8/18/23

Feeding On: Frozen/Thawed pinky mice. Has had more 5 meals or more before posting.

Disposition: Typical baby MBK. Bites and musks initially then calms down. Parents are both handleable. Should calm down easily with regular handling.

Expected size: This animal should be between 3-4 feet as an adult.

Sire: Muerte, ~4 ft. Solid dark chocolate with no pattern.

Dam: Sunshine, ~3.5 ft. Solid near-jet black with no pattern.

Clutch: MBK2301

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